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Grape Ape Shatter is available for purchase. In the United States, you can buy marijuana online. (Description from the GSC) Archie’s Exotic Grape Ape Shatter is made using a combination of Butane and Fractional Distillation techniques. Dabs can be ordered RIGHT NOW. We feel that combining these two extraction procedures is the only way to preserve the unique qualities of the base strains used, including all of the original flavour notes, terpene profiles, and individualised highs that each strain offers. In none of our shatter products do they employ sugar-based sweeteners, syrups, or artificial flavourings. TODAY is the last day to order dabs. Archie only utilises strain-specific terpenes to enhance the terpene profiles and flavour notes already present.Buy Grape Ape Shatter online

STRAIN INFORMATION NUMBER ONE is Grape Ape. It’s also the most effective! This is the PERFECT daytime shatter for you. Grape Ape Shatter’s whole profile. What a fantasy! It has a sweet berry aroma that is similar to that of its Blueberry parent. Near the end of your journey, Grape Ape provides quick symptom relief without the need of sedatives. It’s just right.

THC content: 75% CBD: NA THC and CBD percentages: THC and CBD percentages were calculated using all of the parent cannabis. This shatter has an average THC content of 25.5-26% and a CBD content of 0.386 percent. While certain Sativa-dominant strains, such as Grape Ape Shatter, include as much as 1.2 percent CBD per gramme. THC percentages in shatter range from the mid 70s to around 90%, depending on the strains used. We have also chosen to develop shatter items at canabisexoticshop Dispensary. They’re also as close as possible to the original cannabis strain. We also make an effort to use the highest-quality, most delicious strains possible. We can also source to ensure that our consumers have the greatest possible dabbing experience.

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